Saturday, January 8, 2011

Make The Best of What You Have

Day 8: A Moment You Felt Most Satisfied With Your Life

I've had several moments like these, moments I felt truly blessed. For me, it involves a day with nothing pressing to worry about. Usually a worry has just been relieved.

Let's review the facts:
1. I now own a home.
2. My children are healthy.
3. My husband loves me unconditionally.

What else does a person need? I should be satisfied right now, right?

So where does the worry come from? Money. The root of all evil, perhaps, but definitely the root of all my worries.

What shall we eat this week? How much does a tow cost? When can we afford to have my son get his eyes re-examined? How much for furnace repair? Do I have enough gas to get me to work?

Sometimes things are serious. It's frustrating to continue spending money to maintain status quo, because the desire is to better yourself. It's frustrating to wait until the next paycheck to resolve an issue that seems dire. But it gets done. I guess waiting from paycheck to paycheck teaches patience and a bit of creativity to do without or work around a problem.

Right now however, status quo is the best we can hope for, so I think a change in perspective is needed. The goal must change from 'better ourselves' to 'make the best of what we have'.

And in doing so, we'll realize more moments are blessings and remember to stop to smell the roses, or at least appreciate what we have.

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