Saturday, January 29, 2011

This Blazé Mood Just Won't Do

Day 28: Something That You Miss

Right now, I miss writing. I haven't done much more than blog (and you can tell that's been every other day lately) and copy over a story with multiple POVs to one singular first person Point of View.

I haven't been on my favorite website!

I miss the feeling of completion when I finish something epic and hit that submit button.

I miss the elation at getting a new comment on my work, even if it offers up a critique.

I miss the zone I go into when I am typing up a scene. Much like reading, stepping away from the piece back into reality is surreal.

At least during Nano I was writing every day and felt this bliss often. It's just been a long week, and I'm facing another long week, so I just want to crash and do nothing and wallow in my own self laziness.

But then I wouldn't have clean clothes.

And my yucky mood would last longer.

We can't have that.

(Usually what I miss is having a real girlie friend to shop with, but I'm not in a shopping mood.)

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Adrian Morgan said...

I remember that in a creative writing course I did at university, we did a couple of exercises relating to points of view.

One exercise was to write about a single childhood memory both from one's own perspective and from a third person perspective. (I later wove both streams into a single story, adding a third, fictional stream about alien mind probes or something.)

Another was to write a story from the first person perspective in which the protagonist believes another character loves them, while making it apparent to the reader that this is not the case. (This story was actually published, as part of an anthology of stories written by students of that class.)

Neither are stories I'm much inclined to share these days. You know how it is, with stories one wrote a long time ago being kind of embarrassing and all...

ElshaHawk said...

Yes, old stories, especially more personal ones, can be very embarrassing in retrospect!