Friday, January 21, 2011

TV: Favorite Shows

Day 21: One of Your Favorite Shows

Ah, TV.

We got rid of our satellite service. We don't watch enough of it to be worth paying for.

I DO watch shows, though. Hulu is my friend! I can watch documentaries, or link to A&E's Hoarders when I need motivation to clean, or Clean House when I need motivation to organize. I caught up on some old shows I never finished watching, like Wildfire and Firefly. I just started Merlin and I stay up to date on Pretty Little Liars and Glee.

I watched a reality-type show made for hulu about young people given the shot at stardom. I even caught a few episodes of Pregnant at 16.

Hubby and I manage to watch House, Big Bang Theory, Hawaii Five-o (because I loved Alex in Moonlight), and we were watching Warehouse 13. Hubby gave up on Fringe, but I catch it and watch. We might even start Dresden Files after Merlin, but I think I may prefer Merlin..

The best thing is, I can pause it. You know how crazy my life is! I'm constantly doing several things at once. So if I have to go bake a cake, stop a fight, or fold laundry, I can.

I can't just pick one show, though. They all have their own appeal.

What do you watch?

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