Thursday, April 2, 2015

A to Z - "B" is for Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do one day. Here are 10 of mine.

1. Ocean. And everything that comes with it; snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, surfing, beach volleyball, parasailing, collecting shells and sea glass, studying tide pools, building sand castles, pulling said sand out of crevaces I didn't know I had. I wanna know the surf.

2. RVing. I know there is a part that includes emptying waste, but seeing the country should be worth it. I want an adventure, but I also want convenience.

3. Universal Orlando The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my son before he is not into HP anymore. I also want to visit Discovery Cove while we are there. This vacation keeps popping up in my head. If anyone knows how to make this happen for a family of 4, let me in on that secret!

4. Publish. I know I have a few things out there, but part of me wants the writing to become more lucrative. How much? I don't know. We all have wild dreams, and I had them, too, but as I grow older I believe less in them and somewhat less in myself. I am starting to lose the dream, feeling trapped in the humdrum of having a career and working for the rest of my life to have the things I want. But perhaps this summer I will set things straight..

5. Caving. This one is pretty easy. I don't have to go too far, a day trip at best, to get to the nearest good place to go caving. I just have never been.

6. Lighthouse. Lighthouses are cool. I want to see one. Turns out, the closest one to me is on Lake Michigan. In researching it, the lighthouse museum seems very unfriendly towards meddling children. I have one of those.. There are plenty of others around Chicago, but that city scares me. I have to have a good reason to go there. Not even Legoland is good enough. I'll take the lighthouse that comes with an ocean. I mean, Lake Michigan is close, but two birds, one stone.

7. Cruise. This dream is further away. I have a feeling the children will be out of school before we can ever afford a cruise. Who knows? Maybe we'll both get better jobs in the next 10 years.

8. Ruins. I think Macchu Picchu would work, but even a ruined castle would be cool. I think it is also a great experience for kids. You can think about the past and future in ruin.

9. Castle. Not a ruin, but a real, restored, beautiful castle. Who wouldn't?

10. Drive a boat. This one is simple. My uncle had a fishing boat when I was little that I went out on once for my birthday and he let his son, my younger cousin, drive it.  He was about 5 or 6. I can paddle, but all the men in my life handle the boat steering and driving when I go out fishing. I wanna do it for once!

The only extreme thing I have done is a ropes course with a zipline. I want to do another one. I want to try Go Ape. Does this count as number 11?
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