Saturday, April 18, 2015

A to Z - "P" is for Pay It Forward,

Pay It Forward Redux

I posted previously on teaching my kids to pay it forward. I also made this one of my New Year's Resolutions.

So how have I done?

Not very well..

Admittedly, I have not gone out of my way to try doing something new that is nice for others. I've been busy working in my special needs classroom, tutoring special needs and 'regular' kids 3 days a week, raising my boys so that they do their homework and clean up the house, and joining my husband for trivia one night a week. I type up blog posts and do research in my spare time and still get to garden (haven't bought plants yet), and watch TV on Hulu or Netflix when my brain is fried of an evening.

But that's no excuse!

While I still do the things on the list from the previous post that I mentioned earlier, so I can give myself points that don't matter (like on Who's Line Is It Anyway?) for those tasks, I'm missing the imaginary bonus points for doing something new. I'm missing the good feelings of pride in myself for being kind to others.

Right now my focus is on throwing my graduating students a fabulous party. I will miss them, but I know they are going on to bigger and better things.

But surely I can think of something else to do, something small, but impactful.

 Thursday, April 30th is the official Pay It Forward Day. I have 2 weeks to plan!

Pay It Forward Foundation

Really Good article on the Science of Paying It Forward: Bad Behavior Gets Paid Forward More Than Good.

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