Monday, April 13, 2015

A to Z - "K" is for Kids (Being the Mom of 2 Boys)

Ah, Kids.

I have two boys. Boys are little bundles of energy; even when they grow as tall as you. Skills I have learned as the mother of boys:

  • How to tell Legos from Mega Blocks
  • How to distinguish Daddy's Transformers from their Transformers
  • How to refer to a penis using ANY word
  • How to change any subject into a fart, poop, or pee joke
Other life lessons:
  • Butt humor will always be funny, laugh at it and you're one of the guys
  • Everything is a weapon, grab a wooden spoon and join in!
  • Pants, or any clothing, is optional. Not for me, but for them.
  • A quiet house means a dangerous situation about to go down.
  • Boys are remarkably sensitive
  • Boys will hug with 100% sincerity every time.
  • Running in the house, even it's across the hall, is mandatory.
  • A soft rebuke is just as damaging as a loud yell.
Just remember to teach them compassion, generosity, as much cleanliness as they will tolerate, and to hug back, even if you are angry or hurt by their words or actions. 

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