Thursday, April 23, 2015

A to Z - "T" is for Travel

Since I am so 'stressed' as my last post mentioned. I need to refocus on getting away from it all!


You've read my bucket list, most of my travel plans include the sea and the sand. Any water will do, as I want to do some simple boating as well. A nice forested park with a large lake and some hiking trails in a pinch, but ideally, a getaway is a long anticipated event in which I can leave it all behind for a length of time.

I have 2 concerns, the dog and the culture shock.

Maybe by not having anyone willing to take care of feeding the dog for a length of time, I have procrastinated on really going for a long vacation. Maybe it's that when we talk about it, the hubby and I ultimately end up with some other reason, more financial than pet-related, not to go.

Either way,  the big travel plans have never some to fruition.

Then there is the culture shock of being in a different place with different foods, plants, dangerous insects, accents, mannerisms, and sticker shock. I live in a part of the country with a lower standard of living, so things cost a bit less. Traveling to a bigger place where incomes are higher means everything is priced higher. But enough about money, the culture is just completely different.

Not that different is bad. Far from it. It's just uncomfortable. When you stay in one place your whole life, dreaming big, you often forget those minute details that make a place foreign and not home. When you picture yourself there, you don't picture those cultural and regional things you didn't know existed that make the area distinctly 'not-home'.

These are easy concerns to overcome and deal with. If there is a will, or a plan, there is a way. Embracing a new place can be enlightening. The dog can be boarded if need be. The vacation can be done.

Still, the idea remains daunting, like staring at the open space blow your feet before you jump.

So I am watching Travel documentaries and learning what I can about places that make them seem more universally welcoming and less daunting.

Then I make some more lists of dream destinations. :) If you can think it...

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