Saturday, April 4, 2015

A to Z - "D" Dreams

There are a several D-words I had to chose from for this post.

One was dog; here is a picture of my dog in the snow..
He's been on my mind a lot because he needs to go to the vet.

Another choice was de-ja-vu because one of my most read posts is on a word my husband made up called pre-ja-vu when you dream something, and don't remember it until it happens that day. It is so vivid that you recall it and realize you dreamed it the night before. Often, it is something completely mundane, and it happens more often when you go to bed anxious about the day ahead.

The next word I chose was 'drafts', because I'm a writer and writing drafts happens all the time. Each edit produces a new draft. It is part of the process.

Date Night came up as well. I wrote about marriage for February and having a date night with your husband. I think I covered that pretty well, so I was left with one word.


Dreams are different from a Bucket List. Dreams are more apt to lead to plans. People can have multiple plans. For instance, to better our lives, and maybe fulfill some dreams and check off some bucket list items, we humans often need to better our take-home pay. To do that, you need a plan for your increasing your income and decreasing your debts. You often need multiple plans. Fix up your current house to live in it as well as possible, meantime keeping its market value in mind. You might have to sell or rent it and go live somewhere else to fulfill your dreams.

I feel a storm brewing. In our position as a family, we are comfortable in our house, in our schools, in our jobs, for right now. But things are building, bubbling under the surface, disturbing the flow. There is a change that in the next few years, big changes could happen. We might have to move. We might find our situation needs to change to adapt to changes in our lives.

Fulfilling your dreams has consequences. It's messy because life is messy. So many things are interconnected in life, so changing one of them affects all the others. There will be fallout.

I remember a few years back when I posted a lot of blogs about wanting to be where I am now. I'm pleased that I am here and grateful. Whenever I feel like whining or complaining, I try to remind myself of where I used to be. Then I dream about where I will be in the next X-number of years.

I made a 5 year goal plan. It's not going to happen exactly the way I wrote it, but at least it grounds me. If I feel like I don't have direction, I can go back to that plan and either get back on track, or edit it to include the changes that happen. Life is fluid. If you keep a positive outlook and watch for opportunities, you can better yourself.

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