Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A to Z - "G" is for Garden Gazebo Getaway

I decided to search 'gazebo getaway' and look for some peaceful and beautiful ideas for my gazebo dreams and guess what? I found my ideal writing/gardening getaway!

Here is the link. It's only 17,200 dollars for the smallest model. :)

Guess I have to sell a few books and get some speaking engagements to afford that.

I would use it exactly like this picture, with one wall of windows and skylights. This would be for gazing out and gardening. The other wall would house my desk, laptop, inspiration, and a comfy desk chair and maybe another chair to curl up in beside a bookshelf in the far corner, if there is room.

A girl can dream, right?

I still think I want a small gazebo with a butterfly garden around it.
Something like this..
This is actually a garden with many themed spots that welcomes writers, artists, and tourists. It has a cute children's play garden...
and it located in Montana. Tizer Gardens.

I guess if I ever take that road trip across America...

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