Saturday, April 25, 2015

A to Z - "V" is for Vulnerable

I've been pretty open on this blog, sharing some depressing moments and  a little about being a parent, a wife, and a teacher. I share my knowledge of nutrition, whether I follow my own advice or not! As I scroll back, I find some pretty embarrassing posts. Having a blog is showing some vulnerability. It is sharing part of yourself with the world.

Comments can hurt, in the real world or in the virtual. When you share part of your heart, it can get stomped on. You can be insulted. When you are vulnerable to attack, you will feel pain.

But no one grows without pain.

I could blog about the mundane stuff, or other people's problems, but you would find me gossipy or boring. That's not what I want.

I have to be vulnerable to feel real. Note: if you have flat characters, give them a vulnerable side!
Humans are not invincible.

We all have weaknesses. One of mine is chocolate. :) Vulnerability is weakness, but without it, we would be closed off, without friends who trust us, and the opportunity to feel joy.

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